Collectibles- Thousands of collectibles sold every year.  Very large market for all collectibles.

​Coins- From old silver and gold to new and collectible, we have always had a large buying crowd for these.​

Firearms- We consign several firearms and have a great buyer's market for them.  All purchases will require a FFL background check and small fee.

Tools- Usually consigned at every auction.


We offer many different option plans when dealing with an estate auction being held on location of the estate. We have no set commissions on an estate auction.  Commission rates vary.  High-end estate will have lower commissions.

Boxed lots- We average 200+ boxes per auction.

Jewelry- We sell high end pieces to costume and fashion. ​

Modern furniture- With our steadiness of moving estates and storage units to auction, we always have a good selection of quality modern furniture up for bids.

Appliances- Usually consigned to all auctions.

Antiques- We host many antique auctions per year and sell many antiques every auction.  We have grown in popularity very fast for our great antique sales.​


Always call to ensure we have available space for your awesome items.  We have a commission scale that we use at the auction house. Feel free to stop by to get a copy of our scale.