2013, 2014, 2015
Allow only the Best of Clovis to conduct your next auction!


Call for end of Summer Estate Auction Discounts!
Discounts good for on-site auctions only.

Saturday, August 29th
10:30 a.m.
4200 Mabry Drive
Clovis, NM
Concessions available by Baby J's..
Mystery boxes to be given away, through-out the auction.


Regular Consignment Auction
Saturday, September 12th
10:30 am.
4200 Mabry Drive  Clovis, NM


Upcoming Hunting Season
Gun Auction!
any firearms accepted!
Commissions dropped to 10%.
Saturday, September 19th
1:00 P.M.
4200 Mabry Drive
Clovis, NM
guns must all be in by September 16th!
All purchases will require background check!
any firearm that is set on a reserve and reserve is not met, owner MUST do a background check to get gun back! No exceptions!
This auction will be heavily advertised.


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